How to say beer in Czech Republic

Do you know who's the biggest consumer of beer in the latest years worldwide? Believe it or not, Czechs are the world's biggest beer drinkers. Czech Republic has beaten countries like Germany, Austria, Seychelles or Poland.

The most popular czech beers are Budweiser Budvar (Budějovický Budvar or Czechvar) along with Pilsner Urquell (Pilsen) which has a German name meaning "The original source of Pilsner". Other well known czech lagers are Velkopopovický Kozel, Krušovice, Gambrinus, Bernard, Radegast, Staropramen, Starobrno or Svijany.

Pivo, like in many other slavic languages, is a beer. How do you ask for one? Jedno pivo prosim (One beer please). How do you ask for more than just a beer? See the beer count table below.

1 Jedno pivo One beer
2 Dvě piva Two beers
3 Tři piva Three beers
4 Čtyři pivá Four beers
5 Pět piv Five beers
6 Šest piv Six beers
7 Sedm piv Seven beers
8 Osm piv Eight beers
9 Devět piv Nine beers
10 Deset pív Ten beers
Czech Republic
Capital city:


National / Official language(s):


Other spoken language(s):

English (Big cities e.g. Prague, Brno, Olomouc)
German (Neighboring country)
Slovak (Neighboring country)

National / mainly used expression(s)

Jedno pivo prosim! [yedno pivo proseem]
One beer please!

Regional / expression(s) used not very often

Jeden čapák
One draught beer
Jedno orosené
literally: one dewy

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